The 28 Project – another Roddy Lumsden spectacular!

As part of  BroadCast series, 28 poets present brand new poems on the themes of seven famous sets of four, including poems on each of the four fingers, four Beatles, four tarot suits and four countries of the UK, plus the ‘four humours’, ‘four estates’ and four times of day.
Poets include Holly Hopkins, Roddy Lumsden, Isobel Dixon, Jim Dowd, Jen Wainwright, John Canfield, Tim Wells, Chrissy Williams, Katherine Lockton, Swithun Cooper, Sophie Collins, Miranda Cichy, Ellen Cranitch, Rachel Smith, Ali Wood, Jane Davies, Sara Byrne, Mike Loveday, Marianne Burton, Becky Varley-Winter, Kirsten Irving, Samuel Prince, Phil Brown, Nancy Hines, Cath Drake, Melanie Shed.

Friday, June 17 · 7:30pm – 10:00pm, £5.
The Betsey Trotwood
56 Farringdon Road, London

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