Poets writing their surnames

I’m part of another Roddy Lumsden spectacular at Betsy Trotswood, Clerkenwell, Friday 27 July 2012, at 7.30pm http://www.thebetsey.com/events – poets with noun surnames (like mine) were commissioned to write a poem where the title is their surname. The event is hosted by Roddy Lumsden and Emily Hasler… hear the poem that made me claim my name.

Aussie stuff!

My old university in Australia is publishing a piece of mine in their July bi-annual anthology Westerly: http://www.westerlycentre.uwa.edu.au/magazine

And coincidently a piece of mine set at this particular Australian Uni is coming out in the next edition of Brittle Star, issue 30: http://www.brittlestar.org.uk/

I’m planning some  workshops and performances in Australia… more soon.