Forward Book of Poetry Reading

Each year the Forward Book of Poetry publishes a crop of the year’s best poems. Here’s a chance to hear from some of the gems from 2020. FREE

Wednesday 9 December 2020, 7pm, Sign up HERE

Poets whose books were launched during this pandemic year will read poems from the Forward Book of Poetry 2020 and their new collections. Buy their books for Xmas:

Colette Bryce, The M Pages

Cath Drake, The Shaking City

Matthew Francis, Wing

Maria Ferguson, Alright, Girl?

Mina Gorji, The Art of Escape

Katherine Horrex, Growlery

Shane McCrae, Sometimes I Never Suffered 

Abegail Morley, The Unmapped Woman

Julian Stannard, Heat Wave

Maria Taylor, Dressing for the Afterlife

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Appearing in Magma 78 is an extract of a 40-minute piece (video to come) of I Dream of Houses all the Time, a jointly written dialogue-in-verse by poets Cath Drake and Jocelyn Page, written across distance and time.

Two voices, two women from opposite sides of the world, Australia and the US, move to London. One is married for the second time with kids, and the other is single, never married with no kids. Relocation and the approach of their middle years bring a swirl of reflections on home, safety and belonging with its swings of luck, choice, intention, relationships, family, stability, doubts and ambitions. The women’s inner thoughts intertwine as a year passes and fortunes change. Stories are unearthed from childhood to the present day. Who is listening?  Can we ever really reach other and expect another to understand our experience?