Corporate workshops & consultancy

Corporate media and communications workshops

Here are some examples of workshops that can be tailored to your needs…

Writing effectively: Get across what you need to say in the most powerful way to your intended readers or audience. Learn how to write engagingly, concisely, without unnecessary jargon, and how to edit confidently. This can be tailored to your needs, for example, to help you communicate complex or technical material in the most effective way.

Copywriting: Learn powerful, punchy and creative writing to grab your target audience’s attention – for brochures, newsletters, articles, letters and mailings, press releases, PR, pitches and web pages.

Creativity: Surprise yourself. Spark your creativity and come up with ideas you never knew you had. And have fun! Maybe not something you get to do in your day job too often? Gain confidence in your create muscle. Creativity is important in everything we do. Allow that fabulous new idea some space, and see the benefits.

Case studies and life stories: Often the best way to sell your ideas is to tell a compelling real life story. Research has shown that one engaging story can often inspire people to take action more than anything else can. I can advise you on how to set up a system to capture, store, create and make the best use of case studies. This can cover written and audio-visual material.

Interview technique: Explore the questioning techniques, set up, structure and listening skills needed to create and edit great interviews. Sensitive interviews: I have a specialism in sensitive interviews and life story work with those who have experienced trauma.

Press relations and PR: How to write press releases, promote issues in the media, undertake effective media interviews (radio, TV, print), plan integrated campaigns, events and launches.

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