Writing and Creativity Workshops

There’s so much joy in being creative. Here’s some examples of workshops I have on offer…

Workshops can be adapted for small to large groups in a festival tent, and for specialist community groups. I have experience working on community writing projects with vulnerable adults and young people, designing and adapting a program to suit.

Curious Conversations: Step outside of everyday hum drum and join in with bite-sized creative conversations. Share inspirations, create stories and respond to ridiculous and curious questions. It’s easy and loads of fun. Suitable for adults or teenagers. Speed conversations like you’ve never had before. Trust serendipity and your incredible imagination.

Surfing the Creative Current: Surprise yourself, ignore the bossy inner critic, have fun, and gain confidence in your creative muscle. A good antidote to writer’s block, you’ll find lots of emerging ideas for poems and stories.

Wild Writing: Stretch beyond the predictable, re-invent the ordinary, sneak into the surreal, flirt with freefall and have fun taking your writing to unexpected places. Put aside the editor and critic and let your creativity fly.

Creative Burst: If you need a burst of creativity or think you aren’t very creative then this workshop will help you charge up your natural creativity. Everyone is creative! This workshop will help you stretch your creative thinking in the workplace and other projects you are working on and give you fresh perspectives.

Passion Ignition: Write what you know and what you feel passionate about is often the advice writers’ give. But, in our busy lives often we’ve lost sight of what really fires our belly. Have fun exploring and tapping into the embers and see where it leads your writing, and perhaps even your life choices.

Sense of Place: Places are embedded with memories, mysteries, myth and imagination. Wander through the streets of your town in your imagination. I can also adapt writing workshop to museums, galleries and parks.

Sensory Recharge: We often rush about so much that we rarely get a chance to really experience where we are right now. This workshop is a chance to rekindle our relationship with our senses, become more aware of our environment, and fire-up our writing.

Wordplay: Creative and fun word games that everyone can enjoy.Stretch imagination, spark quick wit, and find those left field ideas you didn’t know you had.

An Appetite for Writing: Recipes, table manners, memorable meals, how to cook an artichoke, grow strawberries, share a mango, make usual mixtures at midnight – food and cooking is central to life, story and poetry. It easily triggers senses, memory and imagination. Whip up a tantilising appetite for writing and expect it to take your writing in all kinds of directions. This workshop can also be served over lunch!

Writing to perform and performing poetry: Write for performance and bring passion and power to your readings.

Poetry and/or short story writing and / or reading groups: Read some inspirational work and get into some stimulating discussions. The best writers read! Groups could be for aspiring writers and/or passionate readers who may not have the time to read novels regularly and join a novel reading group but want to be inspired by literature.

Life stories and oral history: Got a story to tell and don’t know where to start? Find out what makes an engaging and original life story. Do you want to capture your grandma’s story before it’s too late or create poetry or story from your interviews? Capture the essence of time and place by persevering it with compelling oral history interviews.

Creating great interviews: Look at the questions, set up, structure and listening skills needed to create a great interview, and have fun testing it out within the workshop. Interviews can form the basis of non-fiction writing, journalism, family or oral history work, or be pivotal research and stimulation for your creative writing. Everyone has a story to tell and there’s always something interesting to find out. I also run workshops for those who want to improve their skills as memorable and effective media interviewees.

Sensitive interviews: I have a specialism in undertaking sensitive interviews with those who have experienced trauma.

Press relations and PR: How to write press releases, promote issues in the media, undertake effective interviews for media (radio, TV, print, web), plan integrated campaigns, events and launches

Here’s some workshops I’ve delivered

  • Keats Festival 2013
  • Medham Writers writing and storytelling with children workshop series, Vestry House, Walthamstow, Jan 2011
  • Writing Sutton, community workshop for Spread the Word / Sutton Council, March 2010
  • Wandsworth Literature Festival (for Spread the Word), Jan 2010
  • Write to Ignite Hackney literature festival (in conjunction with Hackney Museum), Sept 2009
  • Buddhafield summer festival, Somerset, workshop series (creative writing, storytelling) July 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 (often mixed adults and children)
  • Sutton Six, delivering workshops to produce work for a presentation with a community disability group, Sutton Council/Spread the Word, May/June 2009
  •  Write Wandsworth Literature Festival (for Spread the Word), Jan 2009
  • Write to Ignite literature festival, Hackney, Nov 2008 (in conjunction with Hackney City Farm)
  • Mere Literary Festival, Oct 2008
  • West London Literary Festival (for Spread the Word), Sept 2008
  • Write Wandsworth Literature Festival (for Spread the Word), Feb 2008
  • The South, Brighton’s writers centre, Jan 2008
  • Off the Shelf Festival of Reading and Writing, Sheffield, Oct 2007
  • Workshop series for Spread the Word, 2007: Lambeth Libraries Readers and Writers Festival, Metro Words (Harrow, Hammersmith and Fulham, Hillingdon, Ealing, Hounslow and Brent Literature Festival), Lewisham Library, Ealing Literary Festival
  • SPIT-LIT Women’s Literature Festival, London, March 2007
  • Creative writing workshop leader, Centerprise Literature Development Project, Dalston, a series of workshops three terms a year over two years, 2005-2006

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